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  We offer new and used violins, "acoustic and electric", that play with good intonation, by using frets. 

...using a narrow, low profile nickel/silver fretwire, to guarantee a long lasting fret and good intonation

...we also offer inlaid fret markers, in mother of pearl and abalone shell


 Create a custom instrument...

   Purchase a violin "new or used", choose the number of frets (up to 28 frets on a 4/4 violin), you can also pick the type, size and placement positions of each fret marker.

We enjoy working with musicians to create a unique, one of a kind instrument.

We try to keep a selection of new and used violins available and ready, to be fretted to your specifications. 

If you don't see what you want on a web page, inquire.

Get a new pre-sized fretted violin or viola "replacement" fingerboard, for your insturment.

  New ebony fingerboards, fretted to your specifications, and your instruments VSL. (vibrating string length)


    We may be able to custom fret your violin!

...most acoustic violins can be fretted successfully, and some of the electric violins, as well.

...see our services page for details.



  If you have any questions, please visit our contact page.

...or email us directly at info@frettedviolins.com



Fretted Fingerboards

Purchase a fretted ebony replacement fingerboard for your violin or viola!




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